Thinking in a Different Language

by Eric

People base their thoughts on languages, like speaking languages, logic languages, domain specific languages, etc.

Maybe I shall turn back to English when I’m thinking.

I find it hard again to explain some behavior done in the dilemma, since everyone has a different conception of justice,goodness and morality. Different communities has different conception as well. There is no way to be neutral, as Michael says, so it’s even impossible to set a criterion for an institution without being based on any grounds. As a result, a society need to honor the goodness in a way that is both subjective and respectful to different attitudes, but it seems harder than we human can ever imagine. I don’t understand, as I get no answer from the lectures or my own experience or anything else which satisfy the standard of sufficiency. I’m still puzzled, how can anyone achieve the ideal concept of the society?Or if anyone, he must be unknown to me.

So I don’t know the perfect model of a society, or I don’t know would it ever exist. If there were such a thing, then my curiosity will drive me to find it out in the real world with my experience, observation, thinking, studying. If there were not, that must be the flaw of humanity, a dilemma which must face human minds. One shall never hesitate to figure out a way and to invent a device to minimize the negative effect of the conflicts and let people live their own way. I think the model may derive from the existing social systems, and it makes sense to understand how every society functions and people in each society act and think.

After all, I gain a lot from this course. People have various ways of thinking , at least so far no unite value system can be built up that shares universal values. Then, telos of goodness are not avoidable, nor are debates over these questions. It can hardly be right to replace others’ value with one’s own thought. Keep an open mind. Owning a conception of justice is considered as a fortunate, but fighting for one’s  justice at costs of offending another takes a second thought.

I don’t think I should keep sticking in this field right now. Instead it’s better for me to discover a new field and see if I can get inspired.

Frankly, I’m not able to tell my view of philosophy personally. I’ll keep striving for it.