What Motivates Me to Join a Company

by Eric

People join a company for various reasons.

When I was applying for a job in ThoughtWorks, I asked myself, “What forms your alliance with this company? Is that its high salary, good reputation, or something else? If you are stick to your dreams, why do you want to work for this company?”

Finally I got the answer. It’s the value ThoughtWorks claims that attracts me. I wonder if ThoughtWorks culture really goes as it says. How do they respect individuals while providing professional services, both internally and externally? How do they treasure liberty to choose? How do they make use of technology and carry out social responsibilities? Can these values last for long in a company? If it turns out that it’s the value that combines this organization, I shall see the immoral energy inside the company. It would be a fascinating thing if the ThoughtWorks world is the same as it claims. In this fast changing world everyone can be a change-maker, and it’s the common value rather than common proficiency that is bringing people together from all over the world.

My only concern is the value that I can learn from this company via practical business. Outstanding value can lead to new business in various fields and also have influences on my children, my family, my friends and all those who care about it so as to make a better world. ThoughtWorks has got its value of three pillars, named Sustainable Business, Software Excellence and Social Impact. It’s how you define them and then make it happen.

There are many entrepreneurs striving for their own beliefs. Only after they know why they do it, can they achieve it, and enjoy it.

Don’t work for money. Work for the value you believe in; work for your dream.