About Eric

Eric takes life as a gift that everyone should treasure. That’s why he enjoys life through laughs and tears.

And he agrees life is meaningless, for the reason that whenever people name something as meaningful in concept, they are implying that something else are not, which goes against Eric’s insights towards life.

Thus to him, everything happens in life is just natural-happen-natural-die. We do not rather judge or label too much; we appreciate.

E.g. if people don’t understand, that’s the fault of no one — rather, it’s just the reason we appreciate UNDERSTANDING that builds our civilization.

Or you can derive from Eirc’s point of view, that there is no way to improve since you are living in fair goodness. Strange enough, huh?

Don’t get him wrong before you finally hit the balance.


Now Eric finds something meaningful more than ever. Had anyone read the previous post he/she would have found out that Eric has changed — not in the reasoning part but in the premise — that he does believe that the exist of something is more meaningful than if it had never been there, namely, trust.

Trust is something that breaks the information dilemma, a way to build one’s own extensibility via interface provided by never-sufficiently-known individuals.

Everyone is another world. So is Eric. And Eric has got some really good friends.

He trusts on them. They live happily ever after.